Regular income

Rent your apartment out and earn regular income

You have probably noticed that with renting your apartment out you can face a standstill, because you can't find a tenant. Likely it is because a lot of people don't have enough money to pay the deposits and high brokerage fees. The standstill causes utility bills for the owner and brokers don't care about it. From now on it does not have to be like that, because we offer you a stable income.


No matter if we have found tenants or not!

That means we take all the risks and responsibility to give you your wanted income.

We take care of everything from signing the contract to ending it. That means obligation free time for you. You don't need to worry about the bills or how's the tenant keeping your apartment.


We offer you two ways of receiving your payment

  1. Immediately up to one year's rent money. Read more ›
  2. Regular payment in every month.


Don't let your income depend on broker who won't give you any sureness. Our motivation is to find for your apartment in Estonia decent and long-term renters. We take all the responsibility and that's why we offer you a regular income.


Contact us and we will find you a suitable solution.

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