Commercial premises for rent

Renting commercial premises through Hansa KV guarantees faster deal and bigger profit.

Hansa KV has put itself a goal to offer the most important outcome for the renter and also the lessor. 

Let’s remove the redundant barrier of renting the object.

To find a suitable renter with faster time, we don’t take the brokerage immediately, we split it on different months. Client can use this money in business and earn bigger profit. 


The lessor earns bigger profit.

To the lessor that means faster way to find suitable client. This is how you can save from expenses and earn additional money from the immediate rent.


Clients are looking for objects through web, where is not important who is intermediating the object. Important is the way of presenting the information and barrier free deal.


If it is important for you,while you are renting commercial premises, to find clients the most easiest way, contact us.

Contact us, so we could achieve your goals.

Describe your property and wanted result