Land or forest sale

We sell your land or forest by presenting it better than the competitors.

Usually forests and lands are sold through boring and factual advertisements. That might be the reason why it is hard for the client to see the real condition. Client won't get any connection with the object and moves on with searching.


It doesn't matter who is selling, but how it is sold.

Nowadays people want to see information through internet, where is very important how the information is presented. Our team knows how to achieve the goal.


Different and client-friendly approach ensures wanted sales result.

  • Good description and text points to the important details and speaks to the right group of people.
  • Video gives a good preview of the object and is convenient even to people who are not in the same country.
  • Photos of the object support the video and gives a chance to point out details.
  • Effective online advertisements find the right clients.


Usually collectors are interested in lands and forests and we have collectors contacts. That means we can use different ways to sell your property.


Nowadays internet is the sales main backbone, where is important to give information in the best way possible. Why should you sell your Estonian land or forest through offices who can't find a suitable way to find a client. If you wish to sell your property in a way it is customer-friendly and based on the conditions of current market, contact us!


Call or write and let's discuss how to achieve your goals.

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