Property for sale

We sell your Estonian real estate by presenting it differently and better than competitors.

Clients increasingly want to see homes and houses online. This is where the main role is played by the way information is presented. If the client can't get enough information, the suitable apartment may not be noticed.

Clients don't care who is selling, but they do care how it is sold.


Internet is full of similar advertisements, where none of the companies differ. Given information is dry and factual, that's why the connection between client and object is hard to emerge. We know how to differ and also how to forward information in a suitable way.


Different and customer-friendly approach guarantees wanted sales result.


Effective presentation

  • Special web page and text speak to the potential buyer better than the factual and boring advertisement.
  • Video of your property is the best way to give information about its essence.



Effective sales techniques

  • Efficient internet advertisement finds the right clients from Estonia and abroad.
  • Social networks are like homes for us, where other real estate agencies are not active.


We also pay attention to other traditional sales techniques.

That means we are active in many fronts to find people who are interested in your apartment, house or any other building. We put up outdoor advertisements, advertise in newspaper and use our contacts.

Nowadays internet is the sales main backbone, where is important to give information in the best way possible.


Why should you sell your real estate through offices who can't find a suitable way to find a client. If you wish to sell your property in a way it is customer-friendly and based on the conditions of current market, contact us!