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The easiest way to make effective deals with real estate in Estonia.

To get the results you want, you need to see the opportunities in Estonian real estate market. Our brokers know the market and they offer you their support to use local opportunities up to limit.


Hansa KV brokers can help you a lot in dealing with a property in Estonia.

  • We help you to buy or sell real estate.
  • We help to find a rental apartment for you or renters for your apartment.
  • We deal with purchase and sale of land and forest.


Our services are convenient even if you live far away in your home country.

We can communicate our clients by videocall or send you videos of real estate. That is all for your convenience to know the information even when you are in your home country.


Our team of builders can repair or renovate your property.

So you won't make a wrong choice buy hiring people who may be uncapable of finishing job.


If you need any help in any kind of business in our country, you can count on us.

We help you to make a contract, find needed contacts, contribute your administration with different institutions and help you in everyday communication or problems.


Contact us if you need confident support and convenient administration in Estonia.

Contact us, so we could achieve your goals.

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